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Rosewood Manor is an Assisted Living Facility in the beautiful state of New Hampshire, located in the small town of Gonic.

Rosewood Manor was built by Nicholas Whitehouse in the early 1800s. It was known as the Whitehouse on Gonic Square. It's unique design was once the home of Levi Meader who bought the house in 1933. The home was once the Gonic Library.

On the third floor there is a mural showing Levi looking down into the mill yard which he had charge of. This floor was used for all of Levi's social gatherings which were famous for cultural functions, especially ball room dancing.

The building was converted to an Assisted Living Facility in 1997. In November 2000 the facility was purchased by Gail Ellis who also owns The Lincoln Terrace Home, an Assisted Living Facility in Rochester, which is licensed for 16 residents.

In December of 2006 an addition was completed at Rosewood to accommodate four additional residents with their own private bathrooms. An elevator was also installed for the convenience of our residents.

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